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Tifermec has been designing and building backhoes, boom mowers and mini diggers since 1979.
The passion of our personnel, experience of our technical staff and  outstanding quality of the materials we use, have let us to become one of the leading companies in the production of backhoes and boom mowers. Particular attention is paid to value-for-money, After Sales Assistance and spare parts.

Our back mowers can be used with all wheeled or crawler tractors equipped with a hydraulic lifting device and three-point hitch. All machines come with a compulsory fastening system to the tractor, fitted to deliver greater digging power but, more importantly, to ensure the safety of the operator. The high quality of the materials, the pins, grouted and grinded bushings, hydraulic distributors with anti-cavitation system and safety valves, the joystick control levers and high-performance pumps, make our backhoes both reliable and safe.

Our modern boom mowers are ideal for mowing grass and cutting hedges and bushes, so road sides and river and canal banks can be perfectly maintained. They can be fitted to any kind of tractor which has a lifting device and a three-point hitch and can be fastened with coupling, stiffening stretchers. All our boom mowers feature a hydraulic safety device with 90° arm rotation behind the tractor. In the event of a collision with fixed obstacles, this prevents the machine from being damaged.

Over the past few years, a number of other models have been added to our production, a wide range of Cutting Head to be coupled to mini-excavators and a new series of Edge Cutters  for the maintenance of the green.

Tifermec is a dynamic company whose focus on quality and innovation has allowed it to expand its business not only in Italy and Europe, but also in the United States, Asia and South America.


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